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What Are the Secluded Luxe Retreats in the World?

Luxury travel has taken on a new meaning in recent years, with travelers seeking exclusive and secluded retreats away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist destinations. For those looking to escape the crowds and indulge in privacy and tranquility, there are a number of hidden gems around the world that offer the ultimate luxe experience. From remote islands to secluded mountain lodges, these retreats cater to travelers seeking a truly unique and exclusive getaway.

### North Island, Seychelles

Nestled in the heart of the Seychelles archipelago, North Island is a private island paradise that offers unparalleled luxury and seclusion. With only 11 villas on the entire island, guests can enjoy the ultimate privacy and exclusivity during their stay. Each villa is beautifully designed with natural materials and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Guests can relax on the pristine beaches, indulge in spa treatments, and enjoy gourmet dining prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

### Amangiri, Utah, USA

Located in the heart of the Utah desert, Amangiri is a luxurious oasis surrounded by breathtaking desert landscapes. The resort’s minimalist architecture blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. Guests can unwind in the infinity pool, embark on guided hikes through the desert, or enjoy a private hot air balloon ride at sunrise. With just 34 suites, Amangiri offers an intimate and exclusive retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape.

### Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

Another hidden gem in the Seychelles, Fregate Island Private is a secluded paradise known for its pristine beaches and lush tropical forests. The resort features just 17 villas, each with its own infinity pool and stunning ocean views. Guests can explore the island’s nature reserve, home to rare bird species and giant tortoises, or indulge in a private dining experience on the beach. Fregate Island Private offers a truly exclusive and immersive retreat for nature lovers and luxury travelers alike.

### Awasi Patagonia, Chile

For those seeking a remote retreat in the heart of Patagonia, Awasi Patagonia is the perfect choice. This luxury lodge is located within a private reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park, offering guests unparalleled views of the rugged wilderness. The lodge features just 14 villas, each with its own private guide and 4×4 vehicle for exploring the surrounding landscapes. Guests can hike, horseback ride, or simply relax in their villa and soak in the stunning mountain views.

### Amanwana, Indonesia

Located on the remote island of Moyo in Indonesia, Amanwana is a luxury tented camp that offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. The camp features 12 safari-style tents, each with its own outdoor deck and views of the turquoise sea. Guests can explore the island’s pristine reefs, go on guided jungle treks, or simply unwind with a spa treatment in the open-air pavilion. Amanwana provides a secluded and intimate escape for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and luxury.

### The Brando, French Polynesia

Situated on the private island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, The Brando is a luxurious eco-resort that offers an exclusive retreat for discerning travelers. The resort features just 35 villas, each with its own private beach and plunge pool. Guests can enjoy gourmet dining, water sports, and cultural experiences on the island, all while surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The Brando is the ultimate secluded paradise for those seeking a truly luxurious and eco-friendly escape.

In conclusion, the world is home to a number of secluded luxe retreats that offer unparalleled luxury and exclusivity for travelers seeking a truly unique getaway. From private islands to remote mountain lodges, these hidden gems provide the perfect combination of privacy, tranquility, and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to unwind on a pristine beach or immerse yourself in the wilderness, these secluded retreats offer the ultimate in luxury travel experiences.

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